warehouse packaging
warehouse packagingWarehouse Packaging Products
We stock warehouse packaging products including bubble wrap rolls & envelopes, counter rolls, cello rolls, packaging tape, packaging knives, scissors, shrink wrap equipment, tape dispensers
Packaging KnifeBrown Kraft Shred

Discount on 12 kilos bulk packed
Cardboard Shipping CartonsCardboard Shipping Cartons

Various Size of popular cartons available
Bubble Wrap RollsBubble Wrap Rolls

100% biodegradable and various sizes available
Counter RollsCounter Rolls

Natural brown kraft paper both sides
Mailing BagsMailing Bags

Various size and types of mailing bags
Counter Roll DispenserTape Dispenser

Can hold 2 or 3 rolls
Cello RollsCello Rolls

Clear rolls of polypropelene
Pistol Grip DispenserPistol Grip Dispenser

For packaging tape
Packaging TapePackaging Tape options

48mm clear
Packaging KnifePackaging Knife

Heavy duty, with packet of 10 spare blades

2 sizes
Shrink wrapShrink wrap equipment

Equipment & film sold separately
Wood woolWoodwool

Natural - shredded woodwool
Corrugated StrawboardCorrugated Strawboard

B-flute flexible single-sided rolls