Starter Packs

Starter PacksStarter Packs
  • Not sure what colour to order
  • Not sure how your different colour products will look in the packaging
  • Not sure what colour best suits your logo
Starter packs give you the option to view sizes and colours in a particular range of products.
Starter packs are also perfect for display purposes, then ordering stock as required.
Flat BoxesClear Flat Boxes

Starter Pack includes one of each size
Clear Cube BoxesClear Cube Boxes

Starter Pack includes one of each size
Cube BoxesCube Boxes - FBX range

Starter packs contain one of each colour from each range
BoxesMayfair Range

Ideal for your store items
Three starter pack options
Satchel BoxesSatchel Boxes

One of each colour in the range with matching mini heart
Bow BoxesBow Boxes

One of each colour/design
Pillow BoxesColoured Pillow Boxes

One of each colour - 3 sizes of packs
Clear Pillow BoxesClear Pillow Boxes

1 of each size = 3pcs
Noodle BoxesWhite Noodle Boxes

One of each size (4 sizes) - four pieces per pack